Edge Health Technologies offers the Edge Emergency Ventilators to assist healthcare personnel during crisis situations. The Emergency Ventilators are meant to be used in situations where respiratory assistance is needed and where access to traditional ventilators is limited. Designed to be robust, easy to use and with an intuitive interface.

Emergency Ventilator based on robust pre-approved resuscitators

EEV® uses the pre-approved resuscitators used daily by healthcare personnel. It offers a robust compression device that maintains stable ventilation frequency, tidal volume, and respiratory ratio. All of these variables are set manually by trained healthcare personnel.

Monitoring with EEV

Patient monitoring while on ventilator systems is essential. Therefore the EEV® also includes a data processing system that keeps track of peak respiratory pressure, PEEP, BPM, I/E ratio. As well as alarms for sudden pressure loss, pressure build-up over time, low battery, and other useful safety warnings.

Ventilator Power system

In normal mode, the system may run on either grid power or a 12-volt system. As it is a critical system it also has an internal battery system for 2 hours of back-up power usage. Its rugged design and robust components make this a versatile solution especially suited for remote locations.

EEV Functionality Demo